Monday, January 2, 2012


January 1, 2012 a new year's day was been a long day for us.This picture was taken on the way going home after a beach date.

This time is unfortunately devastating but a smile in our faces wish to vanish it for a while.

A road of experience, first, we decided to go home when the time our service came but there is something terrible accident happened and need to  make hits in our service because it was an emergency, with our sympathy we let it even though the service will be overloaded.

On the road, unexpectedly the service got flat tire (omg!) we have been worried about it but hope feels inside when the driver have the reserve tire (thanks GOD!) .Riding to home again a few miles the reserve tire also got flat ( gosh!) what a day for us! .What a day to us, we have waited for a long hours to wait on order to home.

It is very a damn day but a moment to treasure thankful no bad things happened to us only this things.


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